Script is finally dumped!

May 23, 2006

After several days of madness with my custom dumping tool I finally dumped the whole script of Dragon Quest Monsters. This is a huge milestone of the project. I ended up dumping every scriptblock in the game manually. The whole process took me about 3 hours. If I had continued trying to make my dumper completely automatic I would still sit at it tomorrow with no end in sight.

Now, that the script is dumped, this brings us to another very important point. I need a translator for it. There is a lot of text (~around 1MB including Monsterlists, Items, Menus and Battletext) to be translated. The size is a bit bloated since there were a lot of duplicate pointers in some files, I'll try to remove the redundant stuff from the dump, but it should be fine to just ignore it anyway. The game's text is not the most difficult, I would guess. You can make yourself a picture of the dialogue and the dump down below. If you want to translate this game for me, or if you know someone who can, do not hesitate to contact me. Knowledge of the Dragon Quest Universe is a big plus, but no must.


In the meanwhile I will work on the insertiontool and possible other stuff like menuhacks.

I hope to hear from some of you soon 🙂



  1. Items and menues booked on Heihachi. °~°

  2. Hi. I post at Romhacking a little. I just wanted to let you know that I have NEVER looked forward to any translation project, until this one that is. I absolutely loved Dragon Warrior/Quest Monsters for GBC and a GBA version would sure hit the spot. I don’t know any of the languages involved..well except English..lol but maybe I can learn 🙂

  3. Though my japanese knowledge right now is very limited, I got pretty good knowledge of the DW/DQ universe. I’d be glad to give it a go (it’ll help me greatly to brush up and learn more japanese as well)

    I do have basic knowledge of the grammar (which is always a plus), and starting to know quite a bit of kanji as well

    I did the 1st draft of the battle text for neil_’s DQ5 project, before it got scraped to restart anew ;), and that was back when I had pretty much 0 knowledge of kanji

  4. btw, you can find me on #dragonquest on Efnet in evenings (EST time +5:00)

  5. I already found a translator now, but your offer is still much appreciated and I might get back to it. I will catch you on that IRC channel tomorrow or the day after, I could imagine giving you items and monsterlists, while my other translator continues with the dialog. I have to talk to him first though, so, talk to you soon 🙂

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