Story translation is finished

June 26, 2006

I just got a new bunch of scriptfiles from my translator. All the story dialogue is now translated. With the overall text, we are at 50% now. What’s remaining is stuff like random townspeople dialogue, battle text and item names, etc.

Progress on my end has been unpleasantly slow. I am currently working on adding a variable-width-font to the game. The font I inserted looks good in my opinion, even in fixed width, but the menus really need a vwf. They are cramped enough as they are already, and every bit of space will help. This is my first major ASM mod (okay, the first at all), so I have to learn a lot of things, which slows down things even more, but it’s really coming along.

Inserting the text and the coding of the needed utilities will start once the vwf is finished, since I need the final width table and such stuff for autoformatting.



  1. Hey!
    I just wanted to say keep up the good and that I’m with you 100%. Like many others, I too have waited for the translation of this rom/game.



  2. I’m very happy to see this being worked on. Thanks man.

  3. Man ive been looking for a Dragon Quest Monsters 3: Caravan Hearts rom for bout a year so happy to see not only you have one you are translating it thanks keep up the good work.And Could you email me please.

  4. Very, very good news pal…

  5. Awesome…You need anything at all, you let me know.

  6. Keep up the good work.

  7. yo, i got an emulator on my computer for gba, and the rom for dqm3, but i cant read it, and if u manage to translate this game, i would really like a copy man.

  8. I’m wondering… are you going to keep the translation consistant with the american versions of the first two dragon warrior monsters?

  9. Of course I aim to keep the translation inline with the official versions of the other two games from the series 😉 This will mostly affect the Monster names. The game plays in the world of Dragon Quest VII, I don’t know if there are a lot of references to that as well, but I’ll look into it.

  10. Wow…50% feels like half of it’s done already.

    I probably don’t say this enough….but I love you *sniffle*

  11. A correction from the translator:

    Although this game starts in the world of Dragon Quest VII, 99% of the game takes place in the world of other Dragon Quest games. Therefore, connections to previous DQM games are somewhat limited… To say more might spoil it.

    I played and beat the original DQM in English a long time ago, but I never played the sequel… So far I have been translating based on my own view of what is proper.

    For example, a “Babble” is called a “BubbleSlime” in my translation (as it was originally in Japanese), but this may change if space or standardization is necessary.

  12. Hey,

    I LOVE that some one is working on this game Devil-Man seems to have dropped his project on it. I have been waiting for a US release of this game for literally YEARS, I recall that I believed this game had a chance due to Enix recently releasing DRAGON WARRIOR MONSTERS 2. But the game as we know was lost due to the merger.

    But anyways, thanks A MILLION!

  13. As a student of the language and fan of the series, I’m curious about a few things. First off, traditionally the Japanese versions have traditionally used non-sense words for the names of attacks. How do you plan on translating that? Will you using the old Enix-styled naming system or will you be using the new system that Square-Enix used for Dragon Quest VIII, or will you be using a naming system you came up with by yourself?

    Also, how much experience do you have with the language? Did you learn it from your family or did you study it in school?


    Several monster names are puns. How did you deal with that?

  14. Can’t wait for this one! Great work when, everyone else quit(shame, this been such a darn good one) on us u nailed that sucker! Keep it up guy!

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