Translation is done

July 15, 2006

Yeah, you read that topic right, the whole script has been translated. Everything from the story, monster names, battle dialogues, menus,etc is translated. What’s left are only a handfull of pictures in the game, like the chapter title screens.

I am now working hard on coding the insertion tool so I can get all that text in the game. I just made some good progress with it today. My tool now correctly inserts whole strings into the ROM (the tricky part was discerning text from control codes), the next step is inserting whole files at once. I want to add automatic formating to it as well sometime down the road, but right now I just want to get text in there as it is, so I can check out several things (mainly menus).

DaMarsMan a fellow staff member from romhacking.net and a very talented romhacker is going to help me with the vwf, so that should see the light sooner or later too. He just released his first completed translation himself, Glory of Herakles 3. It’s still in Beta but I really highly recommend it never the less, so check it out while you wait for Dragon Quest Monsters and give him some feedback πŸ˜‰


On a side note, some time ago I announced that I was going to move my site. This is till planned, but since the project got a lot of attention lately since I have a translator I just didn’t have the time to work on the new site’s design. I’ll possibly move and relaunch the site to celebrate the translation release once it’s done.



  1. Each time you get farther and farther on this game, it makes my day. This is by far the fatest DQ translation there has ever been, most start have minor progress and are almost instantly dropped. I look forward to playing this game via a flash card on my Nintendo DS lite.

    MANY thanks

  2. I`ve read the topic and thought holy f***** sh**. That`s all Β°___^

  3. Just wanted to say great work! This is indeed the best DQ-related news I have heard in months! We are all greatly in debt to you!

  4. Good to hear that it’s coming along well! πŸ™‚ I still kinda hope to see the dumped script file someday — I’d like to see just what kind of control codes the game has in it’s script.

  5. @Kita: I posted a sample script file when I announced that I dumped it back then. It’s everything in there.

    Maybe I’ll revisit the IRC channel sometime, I can tell you some more details then if you are interested.

  6. Cant wait till the translations up to the public.

  7. YAY!!! Now plug that text! πŸ˜€

  8. Ive spent endless amounts of time in vain looking for a translation for this game, heck, even any sign of SOMEONE working on it, now that I see this I feel as though a prayer has been answered, thank you so much!

  9. DANG!!

    I just read about an article that DQ Monster: Joker for DS will be released in Japan pretty soon and was thinking

    “.. I don’t think they will bring this one to the States like DQM:Caravan Heart.. damn it..”

    then felt like doing the search for patch, AGAIN.

    Then BOOM!!

    Here we have someone working real hard for DQM:CH

    Seriously.. this is like my dream come true!!

    man.. can’t wait ’till it’s completed.

    You just made my day, you just made my day.

  10. Hate to sound unappreciative here, since what you\’re doing is a great contribution, but if everything but a few pictures is completely translated, why don\’t you want to release it yet? Personally, I could live with a chapter title or two in Japanese if it meant playing this game in English.

  11. @Omega: Translated does not mean inserted into the game as well.

  12. Oh, my mistake. I guess I misunderstood. Well, keep up the good work.

  13. I just wanted to check back and see how things were going on the project, I hope it gets finished real soon, I’m looking forward to it more than anything else right now so, hopefully things will finish up shortly. Thank you once again for your hard work on this game, I very much appreciate it, as I’m sure many others do. Keep up the good work!

  14. I can’t wait for Dragon Quest Monsters it’s gonna be great!!!! Thankyou!!!!

  15. As a student of the language and fan of the series, I’m curious about a few things. First off, traditionally the Japanese versions have traditionally used non-sense words for the names of attacks. How do you plan on translating that? Will you using the old Enix-styled naming system or will you be using the new system that Square-Enix used for Dragon Quest VIII, or will you be using a naming system you came up with by yourself?

    Also, how much experience do you have with the language? Did you learn it from your family or did you study it in school?


    Several monster names are puns. How did you deal with that?

  16. @MegaloSaro: These are questions targeted at my translator who is unavailable right now. He won’t be around for 2 weeks or so. Just wanted to let you know so no one gets the impression I ignore the stuff written here.

  17. I’m on a temporary internet connection, but I made some time to respond to those questions. For the names of attacks, I tended to use the classic translations used in the old English NES versions of the game, for reasons that you will see when and if you play the game. Nostalgia is a big draw here.

    This isn’t the case for some of the new skills that didn’t exist in the early “Dragon Warrior” translations. (For example with “riichi,” which might be translated as “Riches,” I went with the new Square-Enix translation “Chance” since it is a “gambling” move.)

    None of this translation is just made up off the cuff; everything was done for a reason. I think that you’ll find the skills are familiar enough to give English speakers a sense of nostalgia while at the same time incorporating some new things… This fits with Caravan Heart’s storyline, which is about blending the old with the new.

    While Japanese is not my native language, I have over 13 years of experience with it, and will be living there in the next few months. I feel that I should also mention that Dragon Quest Monsters Caravan Heart’s dialogue is very simple; I would say it’s at readable by 8 or 9 year olds. I’ve translated far more difficult games before. I have a decent command of the English language as well. πŸ˜‰ This means that you’ll be able to enjoy English text that flows well without changing the original meaning.

    I logged in over 110 hours into the cart before my save mysteriously deleted… So yeah, I knew the context of every line of dialogue except for the “racing” mini-game, which I never encountered during my playthrough. As a student of Japanese, I am sure that you’re familiar with the ambiguity of the language. Context is everything. If you have any concerns, it should be with the “racing” portion. It’s the one area where I am the least confident.

    I translated the monster names in a variety of ways. Most names use the English names that were used before, unless they were based on a mistake like “babble” when there are bubbles all over it… πŸ™‚ If you’ve read the walkthrough at gamefaqs, you’ll see that the man who wrote it translated the name “binasu” as “Venus,” which seems like a decent translation at first glance, but doesn’t express the pun from which it originated… “binasu” is a play on the word “nasubi,” which means “eggplant.” I recognize this sort of stuff. Don’t worry.

    In a slight nod to the original Japanese pun, that monster is named “Venasu” in my translation. It’s a twisted little version of “Nasubi,” but I am sure that people like you who are “in the know” can spot these little puns. For those who can’t… No big deal. But I didn’t completely warp the name and call it “Eggins” or something.

    In short… I am a fan of the series, and I translated it with care and respect… So rest assured!

  18. It sounds like you did a very good job. Thank you.

  19. Wow, and just when I thought “when will DQMCH be translated?” I see a ray of hope here! thanks for the lot of effort guys, I really appreciate for what you’ve done!

  20. Awesome! I hope this project works out, it’ll make my wish come true. Good luck, and thank you.

  21. Finally… you are the living embodiment of my desires… o.o please dont stop… I would love you forever if you finished this. I want it so bad. v.v

  22. I just thought I’d check back again to see if any progress has been made, unfortunately it seems that you’ve been too busy to progress farther. I was just curious when you think that you’ll be able to start working on the game again (or have your assistant or w/e become available again to complete the project) I know that even though your busy you read the posts and I was wondering if you could update us on your status. If you could take the time to report anything whatsoever (even to let us know that you and/or the project is not dead lol) I would be very happy and greatful.

  23. I’ll update the page with a little report some time in the near future, I am too busy and unmotivated right now. The project isn’t dead don’t worry, and it never will be!

    I am getting a new PC by the end of this week, I guess once I am on that PC instead of on this crappy notebook I’ll be back in action. Right now, seeing as reviving winamp from the taskbar takes 30 seconds I am going INSANE.

  24. LOL! Ok, well thank you for checking in, I hope things with the new PC work out well for you lol. Once again I appreciate the report.

  25. Indeed, thank you very much for the update.

  26. Man, thanks for the update (I was bit worried..)

  27. Thanks for that awesome reply Mr. Translator ^_^

  28. Thx for the work.

    You could make an short tutorial so anyone of us could make the translation ready.

  29. Keep up the work man, I know how it is to get pissed off at slow computers. Any idea when the first release of this project will be released?

  30. yo, im so f****** ancious to play this game man. dont give up, fight like a brave!

  31. Guys im sorry to say but me and Kaioshin have closed this project due to lack of Motivation

  32. Don’t believe the idiot above, masquerading as my translator. I won’t drop the project.

    His IP is and his email is KKK@yahoo.com
    If anyone wants to enter his address into some spam bots or other funny hacking apps feel free to do so and have fun with him.

  33. Haha, how foolish of him. . .

    It often makes me try to figure out what exactly parents and schools teach out 13 year olds. . .

    Nevertheless, we all have faith in the translation.

  34. I’ll never understand why people feel the need to be so damn stupid. I’m just glad that it WAS just some idiot and not the actual translator lol. I look forward to hearing about any progress toward the project that is made as it comes up. Until then I hope things with you are going well KaioShin.

  35. We believe in you, KaioShin, our great hero. πŸ™‚
    I want wo kiss you for translating this. ^^

  36. Meh.. I hate posers. Kaio, if you guys need some tacos, so you can pull an allnighter.. >> let me know. I probably cant get them to you from where I work.. but at least you know I know you need em!

  37. I just wanted to voice my support again. Kaioshin and Mr. Translator, You are doing a noble deed. Its up there with trying to find a cure for cancer and feeding the children and Africa.

  38. Amen to that lol. I hope things are going well for you Kaioshin and Translator. I look forward to hearing from either of you in regards to progress. Once again I would like to say thank you and good luck to the both of you.

  39. I think that you’ll all be glad to know that unlike my imposter, I actually paid attention during grammar lessons. I’ve done my best to remove any typos and careless errors from the script.

    As far as I know, it’s only a matter of hacking the font, getting the script inserted, and fixing any glitches that appear… Although you might feel impatient, it will be worth the extra effort.

    Without adequate hacking, I’m sure that the script would have to be cut and edited severely… (It might end up sounding like it was written by my imposter, if you know what I mean.)

    In any case, Kaioshin has the final word on the hacking side of things, so don’t believe anything you might hear from imposters. The bottom line is this: if there’s going to be any news at all regarding progress, it’s going to appear on the main page.

  40. Thanks for the feedback, my friend. It’s really great to hear updates like this!

    Thanks again.

  41. err….so whats goin on with this, i would really love to play

  42. ^ I’m sure it takes a lot of time hacking so much text. I have the actual game imported and can vouch that although it may be simple Japanese, there is quite a bit of it, much more than I thought there’d be and I’m at a standstill. I can make out a few things but I’m resorting to a spreadsheet and copying and pasting whatever I find (conversation wise) into an online translation service and it’s going to take a while, until I remember what certain strings mean and can recognize them by studying the what I’ll call glyphs (I’m sure that’s not the proper term).

    I’m actually writing here for an answer from the translator. When you did your translation, I suppose you just took the text in the dump and translated everything there for the most part, editing for context and what not? I’m wondering if what I’m doing will be beneficial to myself then? I don’t have the ROM and don’t expect to ever have need of it (since I have the game) but really want to be able to understand what I’m doing…? I’m stuck. Any advice would be very helpful.

  43. This has made my day:) I

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