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New website finally there

October 15, 2006

It’s finally done

Please update your bookmarks and stuff. Comments posting has been disabled for this site, so please leave your feedback on the new one 🙂

See you all there


I’m alive!

September 10, 2006

I know that a lot of people are wondering about the project’s status, since I haven’t updated the site since July. Well, I gave out some tiny bits and pieces of information in the comments, but not everyone reads those.

The short answer to your questions: I haven’t made progress on the hacking-side of the project since the last news but I will take it up again soon. In the meanwhile the script has been revised again, so it will be an even better experience to play the game 😉

The long answer (filled with boring information about my life, you have been warned ;)):

During the last weeks my main problem was that my Notebook on which I am usually working (ok, always) began to drive me insane. Not only has it tons of little defects which make it unbearable to work on it (overheating -> random shut downs, just to name the worst thing) but it got slower and slower and slower. Before a romhacker, I am an avid gamer, but I could no longer play recent games as well. Just looking at the notebook annoyed the hell out of me.

So I decided to get a new PC to end the misery. I spent most of August working to get the money for it and finally ordered it two weeks ago. Since I must have the most rotten luck on this planet my order was messed up two times until the parts finally arrived this Friday. There were some problems again (one of my two RAM modules is broken -_-), but the thing is running now. So, I finally have a lightning fast computer again to work on. If anyone is interested in it here are the main specs:

  • Core 2 Duo E6600 (2x 2,40Ghz)
  • Asus P5W DH Deluxe Mainboard
  • Ati Radeon X1900XT 512MB
  • 1GB RAM (2 if one module wasn’t broken)

With that obstacle out of the way I can theoretically resume work on the project anytime now. Currently I am still a little busy though. I have to finalize some annoying paperwork for university (I am starting to study in October) and there is some trouble with my Clan. I am Co-Leader of a Dawn of War Clan, and since the game recently annoyed the hell out of us due to it’s horrible balance there were some major crisis to overcome. Right now we are reconstructing things, propably we’ll create a new Squad for the game Company of Heroes which is going to be released in one week (We all participated in the BETA test). As a leader I am pretty much occupied with that right now.

I’ll definitely let you know when things get moving once again.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who writes comments on the project, your continued support really keeps me going.

Thank You!


Annoying system maintenance

April 25, 2006

Do you know how annoying it is to make a system backup after you haven't done anything like that for years?

I decided I can no longer wait to back up my data, my external HDD likes to make noises sometimes when I switch it on. A year ago I already lost all the data on an external HDD, so I have the pain still burned into my mind. The only problem is that the data is a whopping 160GB of unsorted shit. Before I can burn this stuff to DVDs I'll have to sort the data, that's the worst part of it. I started organizing my music collection. I want to give every single music file a proper ID3 Tag. Since I have a LOT of music this will take ages. Awesome @_@.

 On a sidenote I am still working on the DQM scriptdumper, when I can squeeze some minutes in my time schedule. Now it automatically inserts over half of the Kanji into to the script (they use their own font and are thrown in right between the rest of the script). What I need to add now are some formatting functions. When the control code for a linebreak is encountered the scriptdump should also have a line break there, for example. If I don't do this the script will be pretty much unreadable. This is trivial stuff, but it takes time which is rather short at the moment.